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by Zoran Živković

Translated from Serbian by Alice Copple-Tošić
Part of The Zoran Živković Collection

On a strange train journey, in a series of six compartments, a traveller experiences unpredictable encounters, culminating in a meeting of epiphanic power. Through a narrative of dreamlike sharpness Compartments taps into the fears and absurdities, the beauties and mysteries of the unconscious mind, to achieve a consummation both moving and full of hope.

Includes a new essay on Compartments by British author Tamar Yellin.


  • …our hero travels through a surreal and allegorical sequence of compartments in much the same way as a mediaeval alchemist travels through the sequence of transformations that lead him to the Philosopher’s Stone. Once again, Živković has produced a thought-provoking story, and the fine translation by Alice Copple-Tošić gives no clue that the piece was not written by a native English speaker.
    —Cheryl Morgan, Emerald City
  • The story is written in a deceptively simple style, apparently with little attempt to be overly descriptive and yet full of telling details. The conductor is by far the best character, filled with yearning for the mysterious woman. …recommended to fans of the surreal.
    —Chris Butler, Infinity Plus


  • Pages: 152
  • Trim size: 5″ x 8″ (127mm x 203mm)
  • ISBN
    Hardcover: 978-4-908793-04-2
    Softcover: 978-4-908793-16-5
    Ebook: 978-4-908793-32-5
  • List Price
    Hardcover: US$20.00
    Softcover: US$9.00
    Ebook: US$4.99
  • Cover: Youchan Ito (Togoru Art Works)

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