Me and Lin, Afterwards :: Ana Stojanoska

Me and Lin, Afterwards

by Ana Stojanoska

Ana Stojanoska’s literary debut, Me and Lin, Afterwards, is an antinovel, a collage composed of many fragments, an embedded narrative, a metafiction, an autofiction, and a playful work with a nod to magical realism, with a detective story thrown in. Anna Karenina, Vronsky, and Tolstoy make appearances in it. It also includes a positive and matter-of-fact portrayal of a gay character—the first in Macedonian literature. This inventive work zigzags between the narrator’s postmortem of the love triangle she was involved in and her attempt to write her first novel. The events of the love triangle are narrated out of sequence, leaving it up to the reader to fit them back together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, while the story of the narrator’s novel in progress builds to an intriguing and engaging conclusion. Ana Stojanoska is a writer who delights in experimenting with genre, form, and popular culture influences. She pushes against the boundaries of the novel form, and gives a fresh treatment to the standard love-triangle story— minus the pathos—and the novel-within-a-novel trope. Her work highlights the vibrancy and dynamism of contemporary Macedonian literature and is proof that Macedonian women writers rock.


Ana Stojanoska (1977, Prilep, Macedonia) is a theatrologist, writer, and full professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts (FDA) in Skopje. Her novel Me and Lin, Afterwards (Blesok, Skopje, 2016; republished by Kultura, Skopje, 2019) was shortlisted for Novel of the Year in Macedonia for 2016, and won the prestigious Racin Award for 2017. Her other novels include: Ние (We) (Polica, Skopje, 2021), which was shortlisted for the Pegasus prize for an unpublished manuscript, and Лебед (Swan) (Polica, Skopje, 2021). Aside from novels, she has published a diverse range of works, including plays, poetry, song lyrics, and numerous studies and essays in both Macedonian and foreign journals, as well as co-authored several theatrical monographs. In 2019 she became a member of the Writers’ Association of Macedonia, and is a member of several associations and organizations focused on research in literature and theater. She lives in Skopje.


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