Steps Through the Mist :: Zoran Živković

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Steps Through the Mist

by Zoran Živković

Translated from Serbian by Alice Copple-Tošić
Part of The Zoran Živković Collection

Five women of various ages face, each in her own way, what seems to be the deterministic trap of Fate: a freshman in a girls’ boarding school with the strange ability to share other people’s dreams; a young woman in a straitjacket, desperately trying to locate a very particular future; a middle-aged skier refusing to be just a puppet on a string; an elderly fortune-teller with insufficient faith in her own trade; finally, an old lady whose very precious alarm clock is suddenly broken. And engulfing all of them, a strange mist through which no-one can see clearly…

A November 2007 BookSense Notable Book
Winner of the 2008 Gold Award for Superb Craftsmanship from the Detroit Club of Printing House Craftsmen

Also included in Impossible Stories I


  • [It] isn’t so much a literary work to be read as it is one to be reveled in. Like a great work of abstract art, this surrealistic novel–about five women who contend with fate in very different ways–is layered with subtle symbolism and nuance, and should be savored slowly.
    — Publisher’s Weekly
  • With this book, Zoran Živković demonstrates why he is one of the great, although unheralded, masters of the contemporary fantasy. Steps through the Mist is a must have for people who like their fiction a little surreal and a lot off center.
    —Rick Klaw,
  • It’s a thoughtful, thought-provoking and I have to say faintly disquieting volume, one that raises the sort of questions about the way we move through our lives, and the predetermination or otherwise of our actions, that I for one find are best faced in the company of good friends and with the aid of a couple of bottles of good wine.
  • Another artful, mathematically perfect creation
    —Miranda Siemienowicz, Horrorscope


  • Pages: Pending
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    Softcover: Trim size 5″ x 8″ (127mm x 203mm)
  • ISBN
    Softcover: 978-4-908793-15-8
  • List Price: Pending
  • Cover: Youchan Ito (Togoru Co.,Ltd.)

In production

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