The Grand Manuscript :: Zoran Živković

The Grand Manuscript

by Zoran Živković

Translated from Serbian by Alice Copple-Tošić

An empty apartment, locked from the inside: this is the mystery that literature-loving police inspector Dejan Lukić, hero of Zoran Živković’s The Last Book, is called in to solve. What has become of the woman who lives there, bestselling detective fiction writer Jelena Jakovljević? And, perhaps more importantly still, what has happened to the manuscript of her newly-completed novel, Find Me? As Inspector Lukić becomes ever more entangled in the growing mystery, a highly-strung literary agent, a blind painter, a virtuoso lock-picker and various cutthroat publishers all have their part to play in an elaborate game of misdirection and pursuit. Not to mention the dark powers of the National Security Agency and a secret cult seeking the key to immortality. Once again, Inspector Lukić stands at the heart of a literary conundrum only he can solve and through which he stands to gain—or lose—everything.


  • It begins with him being called to a writer’s apartment by her desperate literary agent, who fears the worst. At the writer’s apartment they find the door locked—from the inside—but no one answering. Lukić inexplicably finds no trace of the author—a classic locked-door mystery. … Appearances—and their absence (such the pseudonymous missing author)—are nicely constantly deceiving here, making for an enjoyable enough read.
    Michael Orthofer, The Complete Review
  • Once again Živković’s bookish world is fantastic. But then books can endow their characters with immortality, so maybe it’s not as fantastic as all that. Like the first book in the trilogy, this book can stand on its own, but it is inextricably connected to the first, and some of the philosophical fun will only be apparent to those who’ve read both.
    —David Cozy, Only A Blockhead


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