Amarcord :: Zoran Živković


by Zoran Živković

Translated from Serbian by Alice Copple-Tošić

Ten linked stories with resonant titles explore almost every conceivable aspect of human memory: the positive and the negative, the precious and the profane, the heavenly and the unbearably hellish. Zivkovic’s deceptively simple tales anatomize the essence of what makes human beings tick, our passions, our vanities and yearnings; the very memories which make us who we are.

Also included in Impossible Stories II.


  • This sequence of ten brief stories each deals with an aspect of memory. Naming each story after a novel was a rather neat trick, as it creates a kind of memory short-circuit in the mind of the reader, where part of the brain is trying to overlay the story with the plot of the original novel. The two have little in common, though, and the result is to unsettle the memory while you read stories of unsettled memories. .
    —The Fiction Desk


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